Edna-Jakki Miller
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My voice says move... and when I move from the inside out I hear my inner voice... this voice helps me to be open, to learn, to grow, and to heal... that voice helps me to share my gifts with the world... I love that feeling, that space, that time... it's my light and my peace.


Yes, of course, I value technique, however, when I watch dance I don't look for the best technical dancers but the dancer who really communicates and when they also have great technique... it's a beauty!  Really, I look for people who dance; want to dance... folks who want to move... to share their emotions and special gifts to educate using their voice in all ways.


Edna-Jakki Miller, EDT Founder, Artistic Director, and Company Manager has a long history of leadership in dance education and community outreach since 1972 where she founded the original Experience Dance Theatre, a dance project at Bowling Green State University as a Graduate Student. 


The second home was seeded in Ohio (Cleveland and Hiram) while teaching Dance at Hiram College.  After relocating to Cincinnati, EDT, the dance school and EDNA Dancers, the company  was rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1975-85. Now in Charlottesville, EDT continues to exist and EJ continues to study, perform, and teach both nationally and internationally.

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