Fanny Ewann
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Fanny in Full Circle... choreography by Edna-Jakki Miller

I joined DanceFit to stay in shape ... doing one of my favorite pastimes, dancing. Nothing is one way, I give EDT my time and energy but I received so much more´┐Ż

What makes EDT so special for me is that based on hard work and trust in each other. EDT is my US family and I am ready to accomplish a lot to help my people to success.

But I had never considered being part of a dance company before I met Edna-Jakki Miller. She just made me realize that joining Experience Dance Theatre was a fantastic opportunity to learn about dancing and about myself.

Each new choreography, each rehearsal and each performance is a physical and mental challenge: no matter how many times we rehearse, dancing with EDT requires us to go out of our comfort zone while having fun. It makes it all the way more enjoyable.

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