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Thank you for your interest in helping us to continue our mission. Experience Dance Theatre (EDT) relies on the generosity of EDT supporters, individual donors and corporate gifts.  Your gifts play an active role in ensuring that EDT continues to maintain our core values and continue to grow as a performance company. EDT continues a history of excellence and a commitment to cultural, artistic, educational and community development under the artistic leadership of founder and Director, Edna-Jakki Miller.


Founded in 2004, our Company was created to fill the gap of providing audiences with works that are rooted in the values, culture, and experiences of our community. Our mission is to foster, promote, create, perform, and teach dance and theater with an emphasis on the historical experiences and contemporary lives of people, especially African Americans and people of color from diverse socio-economic groups. When on stage we share stories that are inspirational, socially conscious, physically engaging, emotionally charging, and spiritually uplifting.


EDT is committed to its long term goals of developing a viable support system and the necessary skills required to maintain a local performance repertory ensemble (EDT, Sepia Theatre & EDTKids); to sponsor projects in the form of studio and staged performances, studio & master classes and workshops; and to promote the work of local choreographers, directors and playwrights. Enriching the lives of young people through education and outreach programs, kids acting and dance camps, workshops, and master classes in Charlottesville and the surrounding regions are critical to providing our young people with positive creative outlets, positive experiences and positive role models.


Your giving is vital for EDT as each performance season we seek to provide exceptional, yet affordable performances; to create new inspirational choreography; attract, train and educate aspiring performers; and to provide effective education and community programs for our community and audiences of more than 5,000 people each year, including local audiences, Cable TV programs and DVDs in the Charlottesville and surrounding areas.


These initiatives all require your continued support. We hope that you will join in and demonstrate your commitment to the arts and the greater community that we serve. Sponsoring EDT offers significant opportunities for visibility and recognition through our local performances, special events, choreography, education and community programs. Please make your donation today!

DanceFit Movement Center, 609 East Market St, Studio 107, Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia 22902.   We're at the corner of Market & 7th Sts (in the Old Michie Building) ...across from the Police Station & Market St Garage. Walk on Market St. toward the stop light (7th St), turn left, continue towards Jefferson St.  Look for the red DanceFit sign on our door on your left.